An unknown and fascinating place

Aguascalientes is known for its brave bullfighters, fine wines, gentle climate, and relaxed provincial character. Capital of the state bearing the same name, the attractive colonial city of Aguascalientes is today a burgeoning commercial and industrial center. Aguascalientes is Mexico’s second smallest state, yet it enjoys high commercial status, producing a large proportion of Mexico’s high-tech manufacturing output. However, you’ll find that Aguascalientes’ rapid growth and urbanization has done nothing to diminish the city’s colonial charm. Chichimec Indian territory, Aguascalientes was later blossomed as a strategic link between Mexico City and the mines of Zacatecas, while prosperous agriculture and ranching helped feed Spain’s emerging New World cities.

If it’s your first time in Aguascalientes, the following are a must: a visit to the city’s thermal mineral springs, a tour of the surrounding high-quality vineyards, some cultural sightseeing in the historic center, and the city’s annual fair – the Feria de San Marcos. Dating back to 1604, this fair is held each April-May and is one of the most representative of Mexico.


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