A dreamy weather

Morelos is a fascinating state, full of natural resources and history. It has a very interesting pre Columbian past and the archaeological site of Xochicalco is perhaps one of the most enigmatic ones in the whole country.  Upon the arrival of the Spaniards, Morelos became a great sugar cane producer and the sugar haciendas or ingenious which were built back in the XVI century still exist. Some of those haciendas have transformed into luxurious hotels, that enjoy the extraordinary weather of the region, such as San Gabriel de las Palmas and San José Vistahermosa.

Cuernavaca is known as the city of eternal spring and has a very interesting historic district, where you can find the Franciscan, XVI century cathedral and the Borda Gardens, which were one of the favorite leisure spots for Austrian emperor Maximilian von Habsburg. There is also the Palace of Cortes and some interesting museums, like the Brady museum, located in the heart of Cuernavaca’s downtown.  

Morelos offers a great variety of nice towns, such as Tepoztlan, Yautepec, Oaxtepec and a full trail of colonial convents and monasteries, acknowledged by UNESCO, from which we find Tlayacapan and Yecapixtla, which is very famous for its traditional cecina (a special type of thin, broiled beef).

During the Mexican Revolution, Morelos had a very active participation with leader Emiliano Zapata and his Southern Army, which travelled throughout the entire state to rise in arms and merge with the army of the Northern Army, led by illustrious Pancho Villa.

The state also has beautiful natural surroundings, such as Tequesquitengo’s Lake, where you can practice all water sports and cycling is also an important sports activity, which is practiced all over Morelos.



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