State of México

A recent trend

The clock seems to stop once we get to the State of Mexico, a destination full of natural wealth and architectural remains reminiscent of the first important historical figures that lived here. Travel to the heart of the country and marvel at how it oyamel first forests are colored orange with the annual arrival of the Monarch Butterfly to three sanctuaries recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty of Tepotzotlan, Valle de Bravo, Malinalco, El Oro and Metepec, the state’s five magic towns. Tour their streets, coexist with their inhabitants, who will unveil their history imbued in each of their buildings and patron saint festivities. Tour the Route of Sor Juana and follow the steps of the Tenth Muse to the east of the state, to the foot of its volcanoes. Witness the faith conveyed by pilgrims from all over the country when they arrive at Chalma, one of the most important ceremonial centers in the state and home to the miraculous Lord of Chalma.

Take a look at the state’s past by visiting its archaeological sites. Start by touring Teotihuacan, one of the oldest and most important ceremonial centers in pre-Hispanic America. Climb the Pyramid of the Sun, the second largest pyramid in Mexico, and the Pyramid of the Moon, from where you will have an unparalleled panoramic view of the region. Go to Teotenango del Valle and discover the fortified city of Teotenango. Don’t forget to visit the archaeological sites of Calixtlahuaca and Huamango.


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