Baja California Sur

Paradise between two seas.

Surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of California – the Sea of Cortez – and the Pacific Ocean, Baja California Sur, located in the northwest corner of Mexico, is a state that contrasts the soft and gentle landscape of the sea with the harshness of the desert.

Located in the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula, this state boasts beautiful, natural landscapes where visitors can do all sorts of activities that put them in contact with nature and its marvels.

Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing, as well as mountain biking, hiking and camping are just some of the activities that visitors can do in areas such as the Desierto de El Vizcaíno Biospshere Reserve, which has lagoons, mangrove swamps and of course, desert.

Some of Baja California Sur’s history has been preserved in caverns located in the mountain regions of the Sierra de San Francisco y Guadalupe. Here, visitors can observe cave paintings that live on as a legacy of the first inhabitants of the region.

Gray whales populate the waters of this region every year during the winter months. They visit areas such as Bahía Magdalena Natural Reserve, San Ignacio Lagoon and the Soledad and Ojo de Liebre estuaries. The arrival of these enormous mammals each year offers an unparalleled spectacle of the sea.


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