A sanctuary adventure

This city in Northern Mexico bears the official title, Victoria de Durango. Situated in the Guadiana valley in the heart of the State, Durango has often been called the “pearl of Guadiana”, and for good reason. Durango, the most extensive and populous city in the State, was founded as “Villa de Durango” by Francisco de Ibarra on July 8th, 1563. Walking through the historic center of Durango is like opening an architecture book. It boasts the largest number of historic buildings in the north of the country, earning Durango a spot on the route called the “Camino Real de Tierra Adentro”, or “Royal Inland Road”, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With so many imposing buildings, the city of Durango has converted many mansions and palaces into fascinating museums and cultural centers, exhibiting precious antiquities, religious art, historical archives and ethnographic collections which reflect the artistry of the indigenous people who first settled in this region.

But Durango also has ample room for outdoor activities, taking advantage of its wild geography and rich biodiversity. You have outdoor sporting options in the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and desert areas, or, if you’re seeking relaxation, you can take a simple eco-vacation with your family. Visitors to the city of Durango can expect to enjoy excellent tourist services and accommodation, from boutique hotels to cabins built in forests with breathtaking views. When it comes to entertainment, don’t forget that since the 1950s, this city has caught the eye of major film producers who immortalized its fine architecture and rugged scenery on film.

The traditional fairs and festivals in the city of Durango are famously colorful. One of the capital’s most distinctive celebrations is the Durango National Fair held in July, commemorating the founding of the capital. Another popular event is the Feast of Our Lady of Refuge, which is celebrated with fireworks, processions and regional matachines or religious dances, always accompanied by polka and rondalla bands. A rondalla is a stringed instrument ensemble with a vocalist (for the romantic at heart, the word comes from the Spanish for serenade).

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