The culinary eden

The richness of the beaches of Mazatlan, has earned it the nickname “Pearl of the Pacific Ocean”. However, Sinaloa does not only offer sea and sand, it is a destination to be toured by sky, sea and land. In its historical center, located in Old Mazatlan, visitors can admire the rich architecture of its colonial buildings like the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in addition to nineteenth century buildings. Its whole heritage is in sharp contrast with modern tourism resorts in its Zona Dorada, comprising luxury hotels, stores and restaurants.

Sinaloa’s beaches rank among the largest beaches in Mexico. Playa Norte is an example of this, with its 10 miles from end to end and gentle surf, it is perfect for swimming and relaxing. Playa Olas Altas is an amazing place where the sand moves around depending on the time of the year. All kinds of sports take place in these waters of the State of Sinaloa, such as surfing, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Isla Venados is a place not to be missed, on its beach, bearing the same name, you will find Las Labradas, a series of stones carved by the ancient inhabitants of these shores that can be found outdoors and have survived for thousands of years.

As the state is considered the Shrimp Capital, the cuisine of Sinaloa is rich in fish and seafood. The vast majority of its dishes includes this delightful host and are served in cocktails or marinated. There is a whole range of variations in their preparation and they are limited only by imagination. Another traditional dish at this destination is the famous chilorio, a kind of pork sausage flavored with pasilla chile, garlic, oregano and salt, served in tacos. We also suggest you taste the delicious mochomo (a kind of precooked beef) and papered pigeons.

As expected of a beach destination, in Sinaloa the party never stops. Life on its streets sets the pace for its warm nights. Take a romantic stroll along the boardwalk with your partner and enjoy the sea breeze on your face. If you want to party, you will be able to dance until dawn in the nightclubs in the Zona Dorada to whatever music you prefer, while enjoying the most original drinks.

There are a thousand ways to visit Sinaloa because the state has a strong tourism and transportation services infrastructure. By air, you can fly to the Rafael Buelna International Airport; by sea, there is a ferry service from La Paz, Baja California, which arrives at a port for cruise ships and cargo ships. It also has a railway station and a couple of bus terminals.


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