Where the desert meets the sea.

In the north of the State of Sonora, 48 miles from the border, Magdalena de Kino is a picturesque city, with historic landscapes and cobbled streets. Magdalena will welcome you with delicious regional and national dishes, places for camping and colorful festivals, a joyous reminder of our roots and traditions. This town, inhabited by Tohono O’odham natives and the Pima Alto Indians, was founded by father Kino as the Santa María Magdalena de Buquibaba mission in 1687, a name by which it was known until 1986.

Visit the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, where the image of San Francisco Javier is revered. Be sure to visit the crypt of Father Kino, where the remains of the Jesuit Missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino are kept. You must also visit City Hall, a structure built in the twentieth century by Sephardic Jews, which boasts colorful murals. Nearby is the house of Miguel Latz with a beautiful garden and where, according to legend, there are underground passages connecting the whole town.

Magdalena has a small tourist corridor where handicrafts are sold.  This corridor of shops is very close to the Plaza Monumental, and a large variety of original typical products from the area are offered there.  We suggest objects made of fabric, shoes and hats. Another interesting site for lovers of religious tourism is the Cerro de la Virgen (Hill of the Virgin). Painted on a rock slope located between Magdalena de Kino and Santa Ana, you will see a beautiful image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Quite close to Magdalena de Kino is another mission founded by father Kino: San Ignacio de Caborica. The main festival is held on October 3, at the stroke of midnight, with people gathering around the Plaza Monumental to sing The Mañanitas for San Francisco Javier.


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