Adventure, nature and culture

Learn about a rich and diverse state, where life is warm and quiet. In Tamaulipas, history and modernity come together forming an almost perfect balance in which culture and nature converge, giving you the opportunity to live unique experiences in a beautiful tourist destination.

You will find a great range of activities for your family or friends in Tamaulipas. With 268 miles of coastline, you will be able to enjoy a full day in any of its beautiful beaches to relax with the ocean waves and the warm rays of the sun, while you let yourself be pampered by the hospitality that characterizes the people of Tamaulipas.

Visit the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, named World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and one of the natural wonders of Mexico, perfect for ecotourism. Dwell in the history of its Magic Towns, Mier and Tula, faithful witnesses of memorable battles which contributed to the creation of modern Mexico, offering you a variety of cultural expressions, tasty cuisine, crafts, traditions and festivities.

Wrap yourself in the flavors of the region, and enjoy delicious dishes such as enchiladas tultecas, cabrito en sangre (kid in blood), gorditas cooked on firewood, cecina (salted dry meat), acamayas (fresh water prawns) or langostinos (langoustines), fresh cheese, goat and pit barbecue, as well as calabaza en tacha (tacha pumpking), a cuisine that will exceed your expectations.


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