Small jewel of the Pacific

Colima is a tranquil city and capital of the small Mexican state of the same name. Colima is located in western Mexico not far from the Pacific coast and is situated in a valley between two volcanoes, the active Volcan de Fuego and the dormant snow-capped Volcan Nevado de Colima. Called the “City of Palms,” Colima is dotted with banana and coconut palms and the weather in Colima is pleasant year-round. Colima has been named one of the safest and most livable cities in Mexico.

Jardín Libertad: Colima’s Jardín Libertad (main plaza), is the heart of the city. Admire the Portal Medellin, a row of arches on the plaza’s north side and the Portal Morelos on the plaza’s south side. On the east side of the main plaza is the city’s Cathedral and next door to the Cathedral sits the impressive Palacio del Gobierno (City Hall) building. Spend the afternoon relaxing in the main plaza and enjoy the weather in Colima. It’s not unusual to find musicians entertaining in the gazebo as people dance in the plaza. Don’t forget to sample the agua de tuba (coconut palm juice), a local specialty.

Cathedral: First built in 1527, the Cathedral in Colima has been rebuilt several times, most recently in 1941. The Neoclassical façade and naves of the Cathedral date to 1894 and the dome windows allow light to enter in to the sparsely decorated interior of the Cathedral.

Palacio de Gobierno (City Hall): Built between 1894 and 1904, the City Hall building was built in the same neoclassical style as the city’s Cathedral. Inside the staircase, murals by local artist Jorge Chavez Carrillo depict stories of revolutionary heroes and indigenous culture. The first floor of the City Hall building houses a small archaeology museum.

While in Colima, you’ll also want to visit some of the city’s excellent museums including the Museo Regional de Historia de Colima (Regional History Museum of Colima); the Museo Universitario de Artes Populares (University Museum of Popular Arts); and the Pinacoteca Universitaria Alfonso Michel (University Art Gallery Alfonso Michel) which features some of Michel’s works.


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